SARMS For Women

Top 5 SARMS For Women

Nowadays people like to get fast results. Bodybuilding is a lot of hardwork and patience but sometimes we would need a little help to boost up our stamina and power.

Luckily there are some SARMs available in the market that give you the extra boost to keep working hard towards your goal.

1. OSTARINE - (MK-2688)

OSTARINE - (MK-2688)

Ostarine helps to burn the fat in the body and also build the muscles. It has very few side
effects but sometimes users say there were no side effects at all. That is why this is so
popular among people. It is rumoured to be used by many celebrities like Dwayne

If we talk about the dosage then it depends on the anecdotal experiences. But 20 mg to 30 mg on a daily basis is the
best and most common dosage for this SARM. it is a mild SARM that is why if you take low dosage of it, it might not

But do not overdose. That will be dangerous.

2. Cardarine - (GW-501516)

Cardarine also known as endurobol is mainly a PPARS receptor. It was originally invented
as a safe alternative for heart and metabolic issues. The advantages of this selected
androgen receptor modulator are the increased metabolism which helps burn fat quicker,
increased stamina for long workouts at the gym, improve endurance etc. It is also used
by the athletes and the body builders.

3. ANDARINE - (S4)

Andarine is among the best SARMs because it has similar effects as steroids. It does
not contain risky side effects a steroid does but works really well.

That is why it is among the best ones. The dosage of this product is 25 mg to 30 mg in
a day. However, you need to divide the dosage into 3 separate times.

You should not take all at once it can have negative effects if you do that. If you divide
the dosage into 3 times then it will not affect you in a bad way.

4. STENABOLIC - (SR-9009)


Stenabolic increases your stamina and endurance, it burns the fat very quickly and it builds muscle mass which ultimately helps you to get your ideal body. It drastically boosts your stamina to such a level that you can workout for longer hours both in machine and physical exercises. Sometimes it gets mixed with other SARMS to give its users insane levels of energy.

The extra energy and increased metabolism helps you to lower your body fat quicker than other SARMs. It also preserves the muscle mass which means it will burn the fat but your body muscle mass will remain the same helping you to get a strong and hard body.

5. LIGANDROL - (LGD - 4033)

LIGANDROL - (LGD - 4033)

Ligandrol was mainly created to use it as a potential remedy for cancers (breast cancer / prostate cancer). You can gain lean muscle quickly if you use this SARM. whereas steroids affect your estrogen level, ligandrol does not do so.

It specifically works only on the androgen receptors. Ligandrol is quite similar to ostarine but it is much more powerful and strong. That is why you can not take more than 5 to 10 mg per day for 6 days in a week.

OSTARINE - (MK-2688)
Cardarine - (GW-501516)
LIGANDROL - (LGD - 4033)

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