Winstrol Review

Winstrol Review – Dosage, Effects And Side Effects

Winstrol is a banned product now but it was used before by the athlete and bodybuilders. Winstrol is one kind of steroid which used to help people but it had quite a few risky side effects. Even some teenage people use it to get a tight body and give a nice performance in their work environment.

But it often led to risks that they did not consider before consuming it. Products like these makes us realize there is nothing more important than a healthy and sound mind and body. There is no benefit in getting ripped if you have to undergo several risks which can be fatal.

In my opinion other alternatives which are not steroids should come into more use as their abilities are almost the same and the best part is no side effects.


Winstrol is an anabolic steroid which had its time in the industry but now it has come down from its crown for several reasons which are no such matters that you can take lightly. It has the power to escalate human’s natural protein synthesis. Winstrol also gives a boost to the human body’s nitrogen detainment.

You must have heard a few athlete scandals (cheating, manipulating, using steroids etc). In most of the cases the name of this steroid ( winstrol ) is linked with them. Do not take more than this if you do not want to die or end up in a hospital.


Winstrol is a very strong steroid which should not be used too much otherwise the consequences will be heavy. If one person is new to this steroid or using it for the first time then he or she can take only 2 milligrams. It has to be consumed 3 times a day (2 milligrams / dose). Winstrol should be administered orally.

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However, there was a reason why winstrol was so famous back in those days. It is because it had many benefits. Men were crazy for winstrol because unlike other anabolic steroids, winstrol did not become estrogen after taking it inside the human body. The common benefits is it provided human beings with perfect growth of the muscles. Winstrol does not make water detainment occur. After using winstrol, one’s body will not become very fat but it will get a lean structure which most people (especially men) desire. Winstrol increases the body’s endurance level.

Side Effects

When women used it, it often caused irregularity in their monthly cycles. It somehow made their clitorus bigger. Men could have had jaundice, liver issues, enlargement of the phallic, getting erection often and uncontrollably, irritation in bladder, increased or reduced libido. Other than these women and men both used to experience depression / insomnia /vomiting / nausea / diarrhea / gynecomastia / deep voice / hirsutism / women getting baldness / pimple breaking out all over the face very frequently / edema.

There were more serious issues like — testicular atrophy in men, epididymitis, detainment of serum electrolyte, few or no glucose tolerance, habituation, hepatic necrosis, excitation etc.

Due to all these serious issues, the government had to make winstrol illegal otherwise the usage of this product can cost many healthy people their life.

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